It’s Time To Take Care of YOU!

clear glass with red sand grainer
 It’s Time To Take Care of YOU!! 

Why do so many people put themselves last?  I know as a wife and mother, I tend to put my families needs first.  Then I am so exhausted by the end of the day I realize its been all day of barely any food, running around with no fuel going in.  And water… oh this is so important for our bodies, yet so often I run on maybe a bottle or 2 and realize I have not had any water in hours.  This leaves me with a headache, short temper, and exhausted as well.  Oh.. and those caffeinated soda pop we run to for energy… those will make you even more dehydrated.

I am going to give a little more focus to me!!  Every morning I am going to wake up when my alarm goes off instead of hitting the snooze.  During what normally would snooze time I am going to start my day with a personal development quote and prayer.  I will make sure I get lunch every day and not just grab something quick. I will make an effort to eat a healthy, balanced meal.  Dinner will be made every night as well.  I will be creative and make a healthy balanced meal for my kiddos and adults in one meal.  I tend to feed the kids, get them ready for bed.  Then hubby and I eat which ends up being like 9 or  10 at night.  Every night I am going to drink a nice cold water while I relax and set my calendar for the next day.  Tip:  I get pretty colored markers to play with makes it more fun!  I am going to read from my scriptures every night before bed and say my nightly prayers with my hubby and personal ones.  I will also get my 64-100 ounces of water in every day.  *I will blog my creative meals* Please share your favorite recipes as well!  I can use all the help I can get.

Looking forward to this fun adventure called Life!!

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