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What Is Your Passion??

Have you wanted to start your own business but have no idea where to start?  Let’s explore your options…

A little background on me first, I have had several successful businesses over the past 20 years.   I started my own daycare which I ran successfully for many years while my girls were young.  While having a daycare I also had a small hair bow business and I also bred Labradoodles and shipped them all over the US.

When my girls were older and in school, I decided to focus on my health.  While doing this I came across a new business that I fell in love with doing as it embraced my desire to help others — Network Marketing!  I honestly thought I would never do this type of business.  I always just thought it was a side thing… you know Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay… not really my thing.  But, I was so wrong!  I didn’t realize my husband and I would help so many people with their health and even crazier their finances!  I think what I like most is meeting so many incredible people and building life-long friendships.

We have decided to put our favorite business tips here.  Maybe they will help you find your passion too!

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Business Opportunities

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