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This weeks featured author is Brittany Lynn!! She is an 
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More than a Feeling… a Gut Feeling

Weight loss – what a journey it can be. Or, as some of us have experienced a time or two, a total flop. Amidst all the flipping and flopping of traditional and non-traditional diets – I found Plexus, or should I say, Plexus found me. Before I was introduced to Plexus, I was tired all the time, downright exhausted over hardly anything at all. I was overweight. I had no interest in 99% of the world around me and I struggled greatly with fogginess. Once upon a time, I was one of those people who could remember just what you said to me 5 years ago, at what time you said it and where the sun was in the sky. However, if you asked me a couple of months ago? I was doing fantastic to remember what I had to eat the previous day. I felt my sharpness fading, a quality that I prided myself on. A quality that I felt I was known for, a quality that had become one of my strongest features. I did not feel like me anymore.
It all started with one sip of that blood orange flavor and I was hooked. I had never tasted such a delightful drink that was so good for me at the same time. I thought that there was no way that this could be real life – but after a couple weeks, the mirror proved me wrong. It is real life and it is my life again. The entire process is almost effortless, which in my lethargic days, was the perfect start for this journey. Suddenly, I felt the life come back into my body like I was standing on the top step of the fountain of youth. I was interested in everything again, felt that will and desire to do things, I felt that sharpness coming back and for the first time in a good while, I felt like me. I was no longer lost in the fogginess. I was no longer a victim of my poor choices.
In the first 12 days, I lost 18lbs and 2 pant sizes and I am still losing! Since pairing with Plexus and shaping up my gut health, the rest has just fallen into place. I never knew that gut health was so important in weight loss and in your general health. I was not giving my body what it needed to be successful, especially since I do not eat most vegetables and was not a super fan of water. Can you imagine how polluted I was? Now, almost 2 months in, I look back and I almost do not recognize the person I was.
Today I am a gladiator for my health. The best advice I could ever offer anyone would be to love your gut enough to learn about it. Learn its many abilities and benefits. And, as they say, “Treat yo gut!” I had definitely been treating my gut… but, rather poorly. Once I understood my gut, its functions, and purposes and changed my bad habits – I saw and felt the difference.
I now have a new passion in life and I never saw it coming. Me? Interested in health? Especially my own? Forget it! But, here I am ready to scream it from the mountaintops. I’m ready to talk to anyone who wants to make a change. Gut health is so important even if you are not on any type of weight loss path. Your garden may be flourishing and beautiful today, but you must water it tomorrow and the next day to enjoy all it has to offer.
So, in closing, take care of your gut and it will take care of you!
Brittany Lynn

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