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Are You Clinically hypersensitive (allergic) To EMFs?


Something not many people know is right after we had the baby, one of the first places I went to was the store and I bought a special stone which I affixed under the car seat padding. Why??? Well to protect my newborn from EMF.

Seriously, I have special stickers and special stones around my house, on the baby’s car seat, and on devices to help reduce the impact on my family from EMF’s. Where do they come from:

*your cell phone
*your computer / laptop / tablet
*your smart meter on your house
*your keys if you have a “finder” on them
*damn near anything electrical

Think about it, we are SUBMERGED in EMF’s and IDK about you, but I’m not really entirely ready to go back to the dark ages. I love my AmazonPrime, NetFlicks, AppleTV, lights at night, radio, talking to my family. BUT I’m NOT giving things up. However, I am going to do everything I can to keep our environment. Anyone who knows me, I’m like the most connected person. After being on call for 10 years I still SLEEP with my cell phone and that’s not good…but I can try to alleviate at least a good portion of the negative impact. I’m pretty aware of this because these things can aggravate my migraines. And they can have other impacts too.

Author – Patricia Milli

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