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Is social media affecting your friendships?


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Friendships…Where Have They Gone??


Today, I found myself messaging with a friend about this topic.  It got me thinking… is social media the reason we don’t get together like we used to?  I am in my 40’s and I have found many moms at my age are very lonely.  We are busy but lonely!  Our husbands work, kids at school, and we are home with a quiet house or a house full of kids that are on social media and not wanting to engage like they used to as well.

I heard Kirk Cameron on t.v. not long ago saying we are pioneers in parenting as we are the first ones raising kids in this social media age.  It has its pros and cons.  We focus on our kids but what about the moms out there who are on social media and not engaging in friendships anymore?  How is that affecting our mental state and the example we are setting for our families.

I have recently started swimming with friends and family of all ages.  I have found the laughter back in life again… and the screams from kids shooting each other with water guns and chasing each other around the pool.  This has been so refreshing!  The importance of human interaction is so important.

We here about so many suicides lately, I wonder how many of those are from very lonely people just simply giving up on life.  I challenge us all to reach out to people and talk to them, offer to go on a walk with them, invite them and their family over for a cookout, teach our children the importance of engaging with others.

I am going to set some goals in this area today with myself and my family.  What are your suggestions for building face-to-face friendships?

— Racquel 🙂

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